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Selected Publications

Cancer therapy
  1. Kar A, Jain D, Kumar S, Rajput K, Pal S, Rana K, Kar R, Jha SK, Medatwal N, Yavvari PS, Mehta D, Pradhan MK, Pandey N, Srivastava A, Mukhopadhyay A,  Agarwal U, Sengupta S, Patil VS, Bajaj A, and Dasgupta U. A Localized Hydrogel-mediated Chemotherapy Causes Immunogenic Cell Death via Activation of Ceramide-mediated Unfolded Protein Response.  Sci. Adv. 2023, 9.

  2. Sreekanth V, Kar A, Kumar S, Pal S, Yadav P, Sharma Y, Komalla V, Sharma H, Shyam R, Sharma R.D, Mukhopadhyay A, Sengupta S, Dasgupta U, and Bajaj A. Bile Acid-tethered Docetaxel-based Nanomicelle Mitigates Tumor progression through Epigenetic Changes. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2021,  60, 5394-5399.

  3. Medatwal N, Ansari M.N, Kumar S, Pal S, Jha S.K, Verma P, Rana K, Dasgupta U and Bajaj A. Hydrogel-mediated delivery of celastrol and doxorubicin induces a synergistic effect on tumor regression via upregulation of ceramides. Nanoscale 2020, 12, 18463-18475.

  4. Pal S, Medatwal N, Kumar S, Kar A, Komalla V, Yavvari P.S., Mishra D, Rizvi Z.R., Nandan S, Malakar D, Pillai M, Awasthi A, Das P, Sharma R. D., Srivastava A, Sengupta S, Dasgupta U, and Bajaj A. A Localized Chimeric Hydrogel Therapy Combats Tumor Progression through Alteration of Sphingolipid Metabolism. ACS Central Sci. 2019, 5, 1648-1662.

  5. Yavvari PS, Pal S, Kumar S, Kar A, Awasthi A,Naaz A, Srivastava A, Bajaj A. An Injectable, Self-healing Chimeric Catechol-Fe(III) Hydrogel for Localized Combination Cancer Therapy. ACS Biomaterials Sci. & Eng. 2017, 3, 3404-3413.

Advanced therapeutics
  1. Gupta S, Mishra D K, Khan M Z, Saini V,  Mehta D, Kumar S, Yadav A, Mitra M, Rani P, Singh M, Nandi C K, Das P, Ahuja V, Nandicoori V K, and Bajaj A. “Development of a Highly Specific, Selective, and Sensitive Fluorescent Probe for Detection of Mycobacteria in Human Tissues.”  Adv. Healthcare Mater.  2022, 11, e2102640.

  2. Rana K, Pani T, Jha S K, Mehta D, Yadav P, Jain D, Pradhan M K, Mishra S, Kar R, G BR, Srivastava A, U Dasgupta U, Patil V S, and Bajaj A. “Hydrogel-mediated Topical Delivery of Steroids can Effectively Alleviate Psoriasis via Attenuating the Autoimmune Responses.” Nanoscale 2022, 14, 3834-3848.

  3. Kumar S, Pal S, Thakur J, Rani P, Rana K, Kar A, Kar R, Mehta D, Jha S K, Jain D, Rajput K, Srivastava A,  Dasgupta U, Patil V S, and Bajaj A. Non-immunogenic Hydrogel-mediated Delivery of Antibiotics Outperforms Clinically used Formulation in Mitigating the Wound Infections. ACS App. Mater. Inter. 2021, 13, 44041–44053.

  4. Pal S, Soni V, Kumar S, Jha SK, Medatwal N, Rana K, Yadav P, Mehta D, Jain D, Kar R, Srivastava A, V. Patil VS, Dasgupta U, Nandicoori V, and Bajaj A. A Hydrogel-based Implantable Multidrug Antitubercular Formulation Outperforms Oral Delivery. Nanoscale 2021, 13, 13225-13230.

  5. Yavvari PS, Verma P, Mustfa S, Pal S, Kumar S, Awasthi AK, Ahuja V, Srikanth CV, Srivastava A, and Bajaj A. A Nanogel Based Oral Gene Delivery System Targeting SUMOylation Machinery to Combat Gut Inflammation. Nanoscale, 2019,11, 4970-4986.

Anti-microbial Therapy
  1. Chaudhary N, Aggarwal B, Saini V, Yavvari P, Sharma P, Srivastava A, and Bajaj A. Polyaspartate-derived Synthetic Antimicrobial Polymer Enhances Activity of Rifampicin against Multi-drug Resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa Infections. Biomaterials Sci. 2022, 10, 5158-5171.

  2. Dhingra S, Gaur V, Saini V, Rana K, Bhattacharya J, Loho T, Ray S, Bajaj A, and Saha S. Cytocompatible, Soft and Thick Brush Modified Scaffolds with Prolonged Antibacterial Effect to Mitigate Wound Infections. Biomaterials Sci. 2022, 10, 3856-3877.

  3. Gupta R, Thakur J, Pal S, Mishra D, Rani P, Kumar S, Saini S, Singh A, Srivastava A, Prasad R, Gupta S & Bajaj A. Cholic Acid-Derived Amphiphiles can Prevent and Degrade the Fungal Biofilms. ACS Appl. Bio Mater. 2021, 4, 7332-7341.

  4. Gupta S, Thakur J, Pal S, Gupta R, Mishra D, Kumar S, Yadav K, Saini A, Yavvari P, Vedantham M, Singh A, Srivastava A, Prasad R and Bajaj A. Cholic Acid-Peptide Conjugates (CAPs) as Potent Antimicrobials against Interkingdom Polymicrobial Biofilms. Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. 2019, 63, e00520-19.

  5. Yadav K, Kumar S, Mishra S, Asad M, Mitra M, Yavvari PS, Gupta S, Vedantham M, Ranga P, Komalla V, Pal S, Sharma P, Kapil A, Singh A, Singh N, Srivastava A, Thukral L and Bajaj A. Deciphering the Role of Intramolecular Networking in Cholic Acid-Peptide Conjugates (CAPs) at Lipopolysaccharide Surface in Combating Gram-negative Bacterial Infections. J. Med. Chem. 2019, 62, 1875–1886

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